Monday, December 7, 2015

Blog will be moving

Hi All,

Thanks for showing interest and following this blog. As an artist and small business owner I am feeling the weight and challenges of keeping up with social media, blogs, teaching schedules, and finding time to create the artwork itself. To better manage these things, I am closing down this blog and will be posting directly from my website. You can stay tuned and up-to-date with my creative happenings at


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hiring Portrait and Figure Models

I am looking for dependable figure models to sit and model during my Fall figure classes. Sessions run between 3-4 hours. Models would receive 5 min breaks every 20 minutes with one longer break in the middle. I need clothed and nude models to sit. These are professional art sessions used for learning purposes - only students enrolled in the class will be allowed to view the models. If you've always been interested in the artistic process and can sit still than please consider modeling. Please contact me for compensation rates and more information.

My Fall classes meet Thursday's morning session from 10-2pm at Patris Studio and Gallery (3460 2nd Ave.)

Evening Sessions from 6-9pm at Gallery 2110 (1023 Del Paso Blvd.)
If your interested and would like to know more please email me:

Thursday, October 8, 2015

VanCannon Painting Classes Expanding

I'm very happy to announce that I will start teaching a Thursday evening figure painting class at Gallery 2110, Sacramento. Class will run from 6-9pm and students are encourage to come 15 min early to set up. This class will be ongoing and cover the fundamentals of clothed and nude figure painting. The class will cover proportions, measuring, design harmony, color theory concepts, and anatomy concepts.

Learn how to paint from a model!

Beginner and intermediate students invited. I will be demoing in oil paint, but can teach acrylic, and pastel as well. Ample easel side assistance will be given during the class. Class will run from 6-9pm. There is a gated parking lot immediately next to the gallery for parking (Iron Angels 1019 Del Paso Blvd.) Light snacks will be available each class. Each session costs $40 and will include: instruction, handouts, model fee, and light snacks.

We'll hold clothed and nude figure sessions

General Supply List
Portable Easel (I can provide this if you do not have one)
Paint Brushes
Paint (Your choice oil, acrylic, watercolor) 
paper towel
medium or water dish
Sketch pad
16x20 or18x24 size canvas 

This is an ongoing class so students can drop in as it works with there schedule. Please be sure to email me ahead of time so I can plan accordingly. 

VanCannonArt - - (415)225-2161 -



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Portrait Painting Class / Fall Schedule

For the last few years I've been teaching ongoing painting sessions at Patris Studios and Gallery. My classes have covered figurative, landscape, still life, and speed studies. I've shared how to paint in large format, plan and design projects, color theory, brushwork, and a variety of other topics. This fall I will return to the figure and focus on portrait painting.

Day Dream, Oil, 20x20

I will be instructing on the fundamentals of portrait painting in a traditional manner. We will cover my process, color palette, brushwork, painting from a model, painting from a photograph, proportions and measuring. I will demo throughout the class using oil paint. Pastel, acrylic, and watercolor painters are welcome to attend. Everyone will receive ample easel side assistance throughout the class. 

Painted from a model - 3 hr. session

The 8 week class will be held on Thursday's from 10-2 at Patris Studio and Gallery. The class will cost $40 each session and will also include handouts and model fees. You do not need to attend every week to participate, But please email me beforehand to schedule the days you will attend. 
Class will be held every Thursday in from November - January 14, with the exception of Nov. 26, Dec. 24, and Dec. 31. I will give a $25 savings for students who sign up and pay for sessions in advance. You must prepay for at least 5 sessions to receive the discount.

VanCannonArt - - (415)225-2161-
Patris Studio And Gallery - 3460 2nd Ave. Sacramento, CA

Cream - ©2013

Whisper In The Wind -©2011

In My Mother's Arms - ©2013

Sunday, October 4, 2015

SF Workshop Success!

About eight ladies participated in my first SF workshop. We had such an exciting time exploring some landmark locations and capturing the essence of the city with our paint. We painted during the day and headed back to the house for a wonderfully planned dinner and art talk/review at night. We battled some fog, wind and a few curious tourist, but it was well worth the challenge considering the different views we had to paint from. With all the positive feedback I think we will repeat this event again!
 China Camp State Park - The diversity of the Bay Area is incredible!

 One of my favorite street views in North Beach. 
 *Highlight from this spot was selling my demo painting to a pair of German tourists after they walked by and saw it.*

 Down by the water again. The ladies were big troopers! It was a little cold and windy but they all managed to capture the bridge and rolling clouds fading in and out of view.  

 This is the view from the house we stayed in. 
 We also painted at and around the Legion of Honor
The view of GG from Fort Point is so dramatic. What a great challenge in perspective and atmosphere. These ladies did a great job battling the chill and capturing the mood of the day. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Artist's Beware

Sitting down at my computer, I was excited to see an email in my inbox from a potential customer. With the rise of technology and wonderful opportunities to sell online it was not uncommon to have someone emailing and inquiring about my work. I quickly reply with prices and sizes of the inquired work. They respond showing more interest. We go back and forth a few times. I describe the thought behind the work and she settled on three paintings for her new Florida Beach home.

After privately doing my happy dance I make sure to let her know that I would like to be paid by Cashiers Check and the address to send it to. She let me know her husband handles the finances and would send a check immediately. 

In the mean time I had left for IA to visit family. I still had computer access, but my husband was home checking the mail. After calling a few days later my husband lets me know that the check did indeed arrive. They had mailed it priority mail. The check however was not a cashiers check, but a very real looking business check. I email my client to let her know we received the check and would move forward with the paintings when I get home from vacation. 

Back home again, I examine the check and it looks real. I excitedly make plans to deposit the check the next day. Keeping a log of all expenses and income for my business, I sit down at my computer to input the new sale. That's when I realize the price on the check was not for the amount I had requested but quite a bit more! Immediately, red warning bells go off in my mind. 

I knew the husband was handling the sale, and the woman was traveling. There could have been a miscommunication in pricing. Giving them the benefit of the doubt I text and email my client. Her husband calls with in the hour to apologize for the confusion. As a busy business owner he made a mistake. I ask for him to resend a check for the correct amount. He hoped I could cash the check and just refund the difference that would be a quicker way for them to get their paintings. While on the phone I agree, but still contemplated how to proceed. 

Still unsettled the next day I call my sister in law who works in the fraud department of a bank. After explaining the situation she agrees - I shouldn't refund anything! She explains that if I deposited the check it would look like it cleared. Banks will credit you a certain amount ($3000) so it looks like the money is in your account, in a few weeks when they discover the check is indeed a fake they will take the money back. This would be a catastrophe if I had already mailed the paintings and sent a refund check to them!

This is just one example of fraud directed at artists. I've been approached before, but have been able to see the warning signs much sooner. I want to help other artists be aware of the danger of fraud. I want to unfold this situation, highlighting the warning signs.

Warning Signs

1. There were a few typos in the email sent to me inquiring about the artwork.

2. When I called the phone number I had for them, I realized they were using the internet to call. This was also evident when talking to them on the phone. The call was hard to hear and had a few short disconnects. Another clue that they weren't who they said they were. 

3. The phone numbers they were calling on had area codes from different states. These differed even from the states listed for their 2nd home and address listed on the business check they sent.  

4. The check was for too much. It wasn't the amount I asked for. 

5. They asked me to refund the money with a cashiers check. Once you send a cashier or money order there is nothing the bank or authorities can do to recover the money. 

6. I had a leery gut feeling about the whole situation. 

What Made It An Elaborate Scam?

1. The client inquired about the artwork they were purchasing. It went beyond "I like that piece, I'll buy it" - the client asked to know my thought process behind making each work. 

2. They texted me during the process to see if I got the check and exclaiming how excited they were to receive the paintings. 

3. They invested into the scam by sending the check priority mail. 

4. The check was printed on check paper and looked real. 

5. The business listed on the check was a real business with a website. 

4. They called me on the phone - giving a voice to their cyber identity. 

I don't want you to be scared to sell online. Its a great way for artists to get there work out there and make a living. Set up a website that has a shopping cart on it. Direct your clients to go through your site for the purchase. Websites with shopping cart capability are usually more expensive. If you want to avoid this you could add your work to a site like Etsy. If they are paying by check request cashiers check/money order and make sure they understand that it is the only kind of check you're able to accept. Try to talk with them on the phone before they purchase. Find out how they discovered about your artwork and get a feel for them as a client. These are a few suggestions, and I am sure there are more. Make art - Sell Art - and Be Aware. 

Check out my website: 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fall / Thursday's At Patris Studios

Join me for painting class. Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor of all levels welcome. 
Also introducing an Art Business Series for Artists. 
Contact me with any questions -